Social Welfare Issues in The United Kingdom

How did welfare policies in the UK develop and how do they operate today?  What are the differences in attitudes and practices of welfare, citizenship and the social services in the UK, compared to the USA and EU?  How are social and welfare policies implemented effectively?  The object of this course is to introduce participants to the historical and conceptual framework within which social welfare provision has developed in the U.K.

Students enrolled in this course will be challenged to compare perspectives on US and UK social welfare practices and develop contrasting notions of “philanthropy.”  Students will explore the contrast between Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930’s and the Welfare State in post-war Britain, which will serve to exemplify historical similarities and distinctions between the two national approaches. This course is intended to explore current issues in social welfare provision particularly in the non-profit and non-governmental sector.




Social Welfare Issues in Britain