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Strategic Brand Management

How does brand management affect organizational value? How do customers and their engagement in real or virtual communities shape the nature of brands? How does services branding differ from goods branding?

This course introduces, explores and applies a range of strategic brand management issues that drive brand equity and value. Customers are increasingly co-creators of brand value as part of a more interactive and dialectical process. Witness the rise of social media where dialogue, conversation, interaction are the key drivers of brand growth. The days of shouting from a billboard as the primary form of brand marketing are gone. Students will explore issues such as the strategic branding process, consumer perception, brands as social and psychological vehicles, the competitive landscape, and brand evaluation. By the end of the course should have developed a deeper understanding of brand, the strategic branding process and an appreciation of how to brand in a given context to maximize equity and value.


  • Harrods
  • Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising
  • Guest Speaker in Advertising and Marketing


Strategic Brand Management