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2017 Conference Speakers

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Keynote Speakers, Panelists, and Breakout Session Leaders for SGLC 2017!



Welcome and Opening Keynote Address


Carol Madison Graham
Diversity Leadership in the Age of Intolerance

This keynote lecture will address why diversity and inclusion matter and
why they present unique opportunities and difficulties for leadership.

Guiding Questions:
1. How to define Diversity Vs Inclusion?
2. What are today's Leadership challenges?
3. How do you build credentials as a leader for everyone?


Morning Keynote Address

9:00am - 10:45am

Timothy Kane
The Rough Guide to Life’s River:
Who’s in your Raft?                                    

Life is a river and we are all meant to get wet! How can our personal
identities help us navigate both whitewater and calm pools? Who shares
our raft and how are we all included in the journey? What whirlpools keep
us stuck from progressing and how do we lead by letting go?
Let’s share our wisdom, ask our questions and jump right in; the water’s great!

Guiding Questions:

1. How do our minority and majority identities help us navigate life’s river?

2. Why is it important (if not life-saving) to have diverse people in our raft as we travel life’s river?

3. How and when do we choose to paddle or go along for the ride?  Is our journey of life’s river meant to be all struggle?

4. What whirlpools stop our progress? How do we escape them when we are trapped and avoid them all together?

5. Who do we look to as our guides along our journey of life’s river?


Closing Keynote Address

10:30am - 12:00pm

Michael Genovese
Leadership and Diversity: Leading in an Age of Globalization and Hyper-Change

In an age of globalization and hyper-change, our understanding of what leadership “is” must change. Tomorrow’s leaders need to embrace diversity and change.

Guiding questions:

1.  How is globalization transforming the context of leadership?

2.  How is hyper-change impacting the leadership environment?

3.  What skills and experiences will be useful for the leaders of tomorrow?

4. How can I develop as a leader?



SGLC 2017 Friday Night Theatre Performance

Fresh off their tour of the Edinburgh Fringe festival, You Tweet My Face Space is a smashing success on the stage! YTMFS can best be described as "a satirical comedy that captures the modern day obsession with social media and the consequences that come when your entire life is in the public domain". As an attendee at the 2017 SGLC, you get to see this highly entertaining show for free! 

We welcome FIE Residence Life Supervisor Tom Hartwell, the show's writer and protagonist, and his 'friends' Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, and Twitter to our Friday evening performance at the Royal Geographical Society. 

TWMFS has had previous performances at many London venues including: Theatre 50, London Theatre Workshop, Tristan Bates Theatre, Theatre N16, and the Camden Fringe.

 You Tweet My FaceSpace You Tweet My FaceSpace 3