FIE's 20th Anniversary

FIE Foundation for International Education 20th Anniversary Logo SQUARECELEBRATING 20 YEARS

Since 1998 FIE: Foundation for International Education has grown from a small, one-site operation with thirty students, two partner universities and three full-time staff, to the multi-site operation with 50+ partner universities and colleges we see today. Most importantly we couldn’t provide the support to the future world leaders that walk through our doors without the dedication and hard work of our Dublin, London, and US staff and faculty.

Founding Chairman Sharif Rahman’s vision for FIE lives on, with our articulated values of Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusivity, and Social Justice at the heart of our organization.

The Twentieth Anniversary Task Force has been working to make sure 2018 is a special year for us all. We are thrilled to bring you the following webpages, which contain an events calendar, logos, and alumni stories from previous students, staff, and visiting faculty. 

John M. Pearson

Senior Vice President – Operations

Chairman – Twentieth Anniversary Task Force