University College Dublin Semester Academics

If you are interested in a direct enrollment program at program at one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities, the UCD program is for you. UCD is home to nearly 5,000 international students and, in addition, places great emphasis on the internationalization of the Irish student experience – preparing all UCD students for future employment and life that crosses borders, boundaries and cultures. With particular strengths in American Studies, Irish Studies, the Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Business and Archaeology, UCD offers students plentiful opportunities to undertake coursework within and outside their home-school majors. Each semester includes an orientation prior to the start of classes and a week-long mid-term break.

The FIE Dublin UCD program includes:


Your course work begins with the with the FIE Irish Life and Cultures course. Explore Irish history, language, culture, and politics, with special emphasis on the history of peace and conflict in Ireland. Irish Life and Cultures includes co-curricular activities to complement in-classroom learning. Examples are:

  • Included study weekends away to Northern Ireland (Derry and Belfast) and the west of Ireland (Galway, Connemara, and the Aran Islands)
  • National Museum
  • Croke Park
  • Glasnevin Cemetery

In addition, you enroll in four elective courses through UCD. At least three of the electives must be within one college (i.e. the College of Business). Your fourth elective may be taken in another College, but is not guaranteed as it is outside your ‘home College’.The UCD Colleges and related disciplines: