WalshRuby grew up in County Kildare but considers herself Spanish at heart. She graduated from a Global Business and Spanish degree in 2013, having spent the last two years of the degree studying in the wonderful city of Madrid. Most of her work experience is in the banking industry but Ruby left her job last year to do some globetrotting. After spending six weeks between Thailand and Cambodia she wasn’t quite ready to get back to real life and so, decided to return to her beloved Spain for a more authentic experience of the country. She spent two months working on small, organic farms and learning to live a more sustainable life, meeting many beautiful people along the way. Her passions include the Spanish language and being as eco friendly as possible. Most of the time you’ll find her cooking and eating delicious veggie food, practising yoga or wandering through Dublin searching out the many wonderful markets the city has to offer. This September she will begin a course in Culinary Arts to open a door to an exciting new career path.

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