JacobyDr. Brennan Jacoby is a philosopher and the founder of Philosophy at Work, an organization providing professional support to companies navigating complex issues and bringing about positive change.  His work as a consultant informs his pedagogical practice, and he is passionate about helping students sharpen their analytical skills for the future of work.  Before joining the faculty at FIE, Brennan taught Philosophy and Ethics at Western Michigan University (USA), Kalamazoo Valley Community College (USA) and Macquarie University (Australia).  

Brennan believes that international education has a unique ability to cultivate consideration of moral norms and equip professionals to navigate complexity.  He has experienced the benefits of international education first-hand.  Originally from the United States, as an undergraduate student, he undertook a term abroad in Egypt and later completed his PhD while living in Australia. 



Health Care Studies, Cultural Studies, Ethical Leadership, Work-based Learning, Business Ethics