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Time for an adventure? Click the icons below information on places to go, places to stay, and how to get there.


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Travel Checklist

 Travel Form
 Complete an online travel form for any travel or overnight stays away from your FIE residence. 
 STEP Registration        Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (U.S Citzens) or with your country's embassy (Non-U.S Citzens)
 Phones  Submit your cell phone number to FIE (Application Questionnaires > Contact Number While Abroad) and keep your phone charged at all times
 Insurance    Check our Endsleigh or your personal travel insurance policy to make sure you're covered for any activities/eventualities while traveling
 Embassies/Consulates   Locate the nearest embassy or consulate in any country that you visit and carry the contact information with you at all times
 FIE Letters  Carry a copy of your FIE offer letter and your visa letter of support to present to border agents if requested
DOS Travel Message  Read the U.S. Department of State's International Travel Message for further advice on enhancing personal security while traveling

Dublin Travel Information


 Accommodation Airlines Airports Destinations Transport

Time for an adventure? Click the icons below information on places to go, places to stay, and how to get there.

Don’t forget to fill in a travel form BEFORE you travel!


 Accomodation Icon  Airlines Icon Destinations Icon  Transport Icon 
 Accommodation Airlines & Airports Destinations Transport


At FIE, student safety is a priority. Please fill out the online travel form before you depart for any overnight trip outside of Dublin. If you do not have access to the internet, you can fill out a paper form in the FIE office at The Binary Hub. The point is that we know how to get ahold of you in case of emergency!

** Don’t forget to tell someone at home that you’ll be traveling before you leave Dublin**

Ensure you have a copy of your FIE acceptance letter as proof of your student status, and that a friend carries a photocopy of your passport.

FIE prioritizes the health of their students. For the protection of your own health and the health of others, we do not advise travel if you are unwell.

 Travel Insurance

FIE students are covered by an Endsleigh Travel Insurance group policy, unless this coverage has been waived by your home institution. Whether covered by Endsleigh or another insurer, you should ensure that you are covered for any activities and eventualities that you may encounter while traveling, whether in Ireland or abroad (e.g. specialist sports, lost/stolen passports). Please visit our insurance page for further information.

Host UK


HOST UK promotes international friendship and understanding by arranging for international students to meet UK residents in their homes. Stay with a host family for the weekend to get out of your comfort zone, learn more about life in the UK, enjoy home cooked meals, explore new parts of the country, share your culture, and form lifelong friendships. 

You can sign up prior to arrival. HOST UK needs at least 3 weeks to process your application and look for a host family based on your selected dates, so we recommend that you apply as early as possible.


Host UK


How do I sign up?

1. Pay your subsidized HOST UK fee of £35 on the FIE website*

2. Complete your application form on the HOST UK website 

  • When prompted for the 'University ID' enter your school email address

3. FIE will get a notification from HOST UK and we’ll confirm that you’ve paid your fee

4. HOST UK will then be in touch with details of your host family as soon as possible

*Current payment page for students arriving at FIE in January 2020                                                                      


Things to note

  • You need to pick 3 weekends and keep them available until HOST UK confirms your visit date
  • HOST UK will pick the best available host for you based on your suggested dates
  • Once you submit your HOST UK application there are no refunds
  • The £35 fee does not cover travel costs to your host’s location
  • HOST UK staff and hosts are volunteers so be patient while waiting for a response
  • Don’t forget to fill in a travel form BEFORE you go

Feedback from former FIE students

“I was really happy with my placement. I had a wonderful time. It was really nice to have a weekend away from the city to unwind, and my host was kind enough to take me on a seaside walk. It is the best experience you will have. I felt like a part of the family, as soon as I got there. They tailor your stay towards what you want out of it.”

“I had a great time with my hosts and I loved meeting their daughter who was in town for the weekend. We went to the sea and I loved listening to their stories and the history of the town, which they told us during our drive. I had an amazing weekend with my host family because of their welcoming spirit and energy. I learned many things from them and we had many interesting and enjoyable conversations. I would highly recommend a host stay to any student who studies abroad.”

London Transport


Transport IconLondon is renowned for its public transport system, and you’ll find that far fewer people own cars in London than you’ll be used to back home; once you get to know the busy streets of London you’ll realize why it’s far easier to travel by public transport!  Use the following section to help introduce you to public transport in London – it’s a way of life that will be very much a part of your time here as well as a method of getting from place to place!


Oyster Cards

This little blue card will be your key to the city (the clue’s in the name!). Oyster Cards are included in the cost of most of our programs. The card is valid on the London Underground on zones 1-2 and on the whole London bus network for the duration of your program. To use your Oyster card, touch it on the yellow discs you see at barriers at tube stations and as you board buses. On the tubes, trains & DLR, touch in when you enter the station AND touch out to leave (even if the barriers are open). On the buses you just need to touch in once when you board.

Need a replacement oyster card? There is a $10 replacement fee, which we now ask that you donate to Pennies for PeaceThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a copy/screenshot of your donation confirmation, then we will order your new card. You will also need to pay for the cost of your travel while you’re waiting for your replacement to arrive - visit the Transport for London website for information on fares. Replacements should arrive within 7 working days. 


Travelling by bus is a great way to explore London above ground and help you learn your surroundings. Be aware that busy traffic throughout the capital may mean that your journey isn’t as speedy as by tube. Unlike the underground, many London buses run all night and most can be identified by the letter ‘N’ in front of the number. Some routes may change at night so if you’re planning to be out late, check your return route before you travel. 


Coaches are a very affordable way to travel around the UK. National Express and Megabus coaches operate from Victoria Coach station and offer multiple intercity routes. These may be longer than train journeys but are often a lot cheaper.


The iconic London Black Cabs run on a meter and can be flagged down if the orange ‘Taxi’ light is on. Black Cabs do not run as frequently late at night. You can also order a minicab by phone, or at a minicab office. It is illegal for licensed minicabs to pick up passing trade, so they cannot be hailed down like Black Cabs.  All licensed minicabs have documentation displayed in the window and have the London Transport sticker in their windows. Minicabs can be cheaper than Black Cabs, but they may not be as familiar with the route. You should get a quote on your journey and verify this quote with the driver before setting off. 


There are many mainline rail stations over London providing rail services throughout London and the UK. These are known as ‘National Rail’ services. If you are traveling around the UK via train, check which station you depart from when you purchase your ticket. For information and to book tickets online, visit National Rail or The Trainline. It is worth noting that if you are planning travel by rail you can often get cheaper tickets by booking in advance. The Man in Seat 61 website is also incredibly helpful to help you plan rail journeys in the UK and Europe.


The Tube (or London Underground) is the rail network that runs underground reaching all corners of the city. It can be a bit tricky at first working out the route to your destination, so we recommend planning your route on Transport for London or Citymapper before you travel. These journey planers will tell you the routes to your destination and the length of time they will take, along with any possible maintenance work that may affect your journey. Tube lines close around midnight except on Friday and Saturdays when there is a night tube service on select lines.

Note: the links above should be used for guidance only. FIE does not endorse any particular companies, blogs or organisations

Dublin Transport



Transport Icon


There are many public transportation options for getting yourself around Dublin and its surrounds. You can jump on the DART, Dublin's coastal train service, to visit quaint villages along the seafront, or use the local bus network and Luas light rail to traverse the city and suburbs.  


Leap Cards

Leap Card is a convenient way to pay for public transport services in Dublin and surrounding counties. It saves you carrying change and Leap Card fares are usually 20% cheaper than cash single tickets. Using your Leap Card is easy. Simply buy your card, Top-Up with Travel Credit or a Period Ticket and away you go. Check their website for information on fares, using your card, card types, and where to buy. 


Travelling by bus is a great way to explore the wider Dublin area and beyond.

Be aware that busy traffic throughout the capital may mean that your journey isn’t as speedy as by foot or by bike. Check Dublin Bus for city routes.

For cross country coach trips, check out Bus Eireann for routes and pricing. 


There are many taxi companies in Dublin. You can call a taxi company and order a taxi, or simply flag one down on the street.

If you’re familiar with ordering taxis with UBER, the Irish equivalent is known as the MyTaxi app, and is very easy to use. 


The DART Train (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is a quick and easy way to get around Dublin and the surrounding seaside towns. It runs along the coast of the Irish Sea from Malahide or Howth in North County Dublin, southwards as far as Greystones, Co Wicklow.

For train travel across the greater Irish Isle, Irish Rail is the national train system. You can leave from Connolly or Heuston stations for destinations across Ireland – why not take a look at their routes for inspiration for your next destination!


The Luas is Dublin's Light Rail Tram System. There are currently two Luas lines running through the city and extending into the suburbs. The Red Line runs West to East and the Green Line runs North to South. It is a relatively cheap way to travel and using your Leap Card will give you discounted fares.