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FIE offers your institution a variety of ways to customize and deliver academically rigorous programs rich in experiential learning opportunities. Our partner institutions value our expert staff, experienced faculty, sound infrastructure, unique curriculum and global stewardship. Work with us to develop your ideal study abroad program in London or Dublin. Here's what we provide:

 Why FIE?

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First-Year Programs


In response to the growing interest in study abroad program options for freshmen, FIE began offering First-Year programs in 2008. Since that time, we have developed regular semester- and quarter-based programs with:

  • Drexel University
  • Northeastern University
  • College of Charleston

Contact us if you are interested in developing a First-Year program in London or Dublin.



 First Year Programs

Why might your institution consider a first-year program abroad?

For students, starting a college degree abroad offers an international perspective that will guide and inform the entirety of their undergraduate career. Many students will choose to study abroad again later in their degree program after participating in a first-year program.

For institutions, first-year programs can serve as an effective enrollment management tool or an enticement for the best and brightest applicants. Universities can offer a first-year fall option to spring-admitted students as a way for those students to make progress toward their degrees and to retain them for the spring-admit pool. First-year programs can focus on a particular major or college within an institution, and others are open to all incoming freshmen. Some schools offer highly selective first-year programs as an enrollment highlight for their top-tier applicants.

Whatever the motivation or focus, FIE can help build a comprehensive first-year program tailored to your institution.

What can students do academically on a first-year program?

FIE will help your institution develop and deliver freshman-specific courses, such as Writing and Composition, so first-year students come back to campus having met their initial academic requirements. In London, students generally participate in courses developed for and delivered specifically to their first-year cohort. In Dublin, students often take one or two closed-cohort classes and integrate with Irish and international students at one of FIE’s affiliated institutions for the rest of their academic work. In both locations, all of FIE’s first-year programs include a core course in either British or Irish Life and Culture that has been adjusted to the first-year level.

Each FIE-taught course will involve extensive co-curricular excursions in order to take advantage of the outstanding learning environments of London or Dublin. These excursions also serve to enhance the group dynamic and, with good branding, connect the students more deeply to their home-school culture, which can be threaded throughout the course topics.

How are these less-experienced students supported?

FIE has in place extensive academic feedback structures and student support services to monitor the students’ academic achievements and create social experiences suitable for the first-year audience. FIE’s Student Life team has extensive experience with the first-year demographic. FIE recognizes the need to engage more frequently with this young population than with our more independent upperclassmen, and as such, first-year students are involved in a rigorous and nurturing schedule in and out of the classroom.

FIE also welcomes home school staff if an institution wishes to send them to support the program. Some schools hire their own Resident Directors to work in concert with FIE’s Student Life team. Others appoint one or two upperclassmen to accompany the group as Resident Advisors.

How can a first-year abroad experience improve retention?

One FIE first-year partner has conducted research on first-year abroad retention and has found a significantly higher graduation rate for this population. With strong home-school branding during the term abroad, students form secure bonds with their peers and their home institution. Schools have found that the relationships that grow among the first-year students during their overseas term often remain strong throughout the students’ undergraduate experience.

How do students integrate effectively into the home-school campus after their term abroad?
Most institutions plan events on campus for the return of their first-year study abroad students and work closely with on-campus housing for student placement. A re-entry course can also be offered to assist students with the adjustment process and help them contextualize their term abroad within their continuing degree program.

To learn more about FIE’s First-Year Programs, please contact Erika Richards, Vice President - Institutional Relations

Custom Programs



FIE offers a variety of custom program opportunities. As an independent organization, FIE enjoys a high level of flexibility and room for creativity in its custom programming efforts. We work with our partners to develop:

  • Faculty-led Programs
  • First-Year Programs
  • Other Custom Programs

We come to the table with open minds and a willingness to push the study abroad envelope to develop highly unique, specialized and innovative programs with our partner institutions.

We work closely with institutions to tailor semester, quarter or summer programs that meet each school’s specific curricular and programmatic needs. We can develop custom programs in all of our locations. FIE believes in true partnership between our organization and the institutions with which we work. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to develop, launch, recruit for and grow your study abroad programs. 




  • Extensive assistance during the planning stage in the US

  • Curricular development with assistance from our Academic Department

  • Marketing and recruitment campaign planning and execution

  • Promotional material design and development as needed

  • Pre-departure orientations or informational meetings conducted by FIE staff as needed

  • Ongoing communication with FIE’s US-based staff

  • Regular campus visits

  • A customized program of and co- and extra-curricular activities according to the client institution’s requirements and budget

  • Practical help, support and preparation assistance for visiting faculty

  • Arranging competitive group flights

  • Emergency contact support

  • Managing student expectations

  • Developing consortium agreements

  • Linking compatible university programs

  • Assisting with trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

  • Individual Enrollment Partnerships

  • Institutions may also choose to become an FIE partner for some or all of our individual enrollment programs



  • A partner discount off the published price for every program

  • The ability to send as few or as many students as desired

  • Marketing and recruitment assistance as needed

  • Pre-departure orientations or informational meetings conducted by FIE staff as needed

  • Ongoing communication with FIE’s US-based staff

If your institution is interested in becoming an FIE partner, please contact our US-based Institutional Relations Team. We will be pleased to communicate with you about your programmatic needs and answer any questions you might have.

What Our Partners Say


FIE has more than 50 university partners, many with their own customized or faculty-led programs. Don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few things our partners and affiliates have to say about their work with FIE. 


As one of the more active Study Abroad faculty at SDSU, I have an opportunity to share/meet with your competitors. It goes without saying that FIE is at the top and I look forward to working with FIE in the future.

- Bill Nericco, Visiting Faculty, Director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences program



FIE offers our students so many resources that help them to have an extraordinary experience living abroad, from housing in one of London's great neighborhoods to plays that introduce them to London's rich theater history, to up-to-date classrooms.  I know of no other program that so thoughtfully and consequently enables students to learn about another place, to become international citizens, and to discover in themselves the resources to live in a globalizing world. 

- Lee Palmer Wandel, Visiting Faculty; Professor of History, Religious Studies, and Visual Culture 



“As I think back on Drexel’s relationship with FIE, I think that one of the things that I really appreciate is the flexibility that FIE has shown, especially when it comes to dealing with our somewhat difficult calendar… And when we come to you with various new ideas there is a true sense of there being a collaborative effort to get the program up and running. FIE provides not only in-country expertise, but I also think that their US staff has a deep understanding of how study abroad is positioned in U.S. institutions, and can provide valuable insight as to how best to pitch a new program to our various constituencies.” 

– Dani Ascarelli, Assistant Vice Provost for International Programs



“What makes FIE stand out in the field of study abroad is the full comprehensive service they offer – FIE provides a high quality academic program, engaging and charismatic faculty, and excellent administrative and student development staff… Our office depends on the expertise of the FIE staff to help our institutions deliver a quality program that works for our needs every time. We really value the consistency that FIE provides when we send a new faculty member every semester.” 
– Joy Ruis, Education Abroad Advisor and Joe Rogers, Director of the Center for Global Education



“Literally every aspect of our partnership with FIE has been positive… Because FIE coordinates study abroad programs for dozens of American partner institutions (from smaller colleges such as ours to large public and private universities), FIE’s staff members have a high level of familiarity with the types of processes and challenges that most of us who direct and/or teach in study abroad programs at our home institutions have to deal with at most once a year… That means students and faculty can concentrate on learning, teaching, and making the most of the study abroad experience.” 
– Sean Heuston, Professor of English



"As we finish up our time here in London, Ingrid and I would like to thank you for everything you and your colleagues have done to make us feel welcome at FIE.  Every aspect, the classrooms, the faculty workspace, the printing/copying facilities, was superb.  Thank you for working with Gonzaga to provide us with the space and support to make our classes run smoothly and successfully."

- Ann Ciasullo and Ingrid Ranum, English Department