Binary Hub



Binary Hub is a brand-new purpose-built student residence just south of the River Liffey in central Dublin.

Close to the famous Guinness Storehouse and a multitude of shops and pubs, Binary Hub houses students studying with FIE at Dublin Business School (DBS - this includes all summer and internship programs), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), and University College Dublin (UCD). FIE Dublin Summer Internship students will also be residents of Binary Hub.

FIE Dublin Resident Staff offices are based on the ground level of Binary Hub and available to address questions, comments, or concerns easily. Our Student Life Assistants (SLA) live in the building and provide support 24/7. 

Whilst Binary Hub is FIE’s main residence in Dublin, students may be placed in alternative accommodation dependent on the programme. These residences include: 



bedroom looking in kitchen kitchen and lounge large apartment

en suite 2 en suite common space gym  


Students are housed in single rooms with en-suite bathrooms, within 4 or 5 bed apartments – sharing kitchen and common area space with other FIE students.

 Residence Features  Provided in Residence
 Single Occupancy Bedroom:
  • Bed size: UK small double 
  • Desk/ workspace, chair
  • Clothing storage space/ wardrobe
  • Notice board
  • En-suite bathroom with sink & shower

Shared Common Spaces:

  • Kitchen area with dining table and chairs
  • Oven, electric stove (hob), and microwave
  • Lounge furniture
  • TV


  • Laundry facility in the building
  • Fitness room
  • Large study and lounge space in the building
  • 24/7 staffed reception desk
  • In-residence Student Life Assistant (SLA)
  • Aparto Student Housing Website: Binary Hub (more photos and information!)


  • Bed Linens
  • Pillow
  • Small towel


  • Dinner plates
  • Side Plates
  • Drinking glasses
  • Mugs
  • Cutlery
  • Pots & pans
  • Chopping Board
  • Basic kitchen utensils (chopping knives, masher, flipper, pasta server, large serving spoon)
  • Toaster
  • Electric Kettle


  • Ironing Board
  • Dustpan & Brush
  • Mop & Bucket



When mailing items to students in Dublin, please use the following address:

Student Name
FIE Student
Aparto Binary Hub,
Bonham St,
Dublin 8,
D08 R596

Please note we are unable to accept packages before the student's arrival date on their FIE program


 Binary Hub is a 20-minute walk to Dublin Business School (DBS) or Trinity College Dublin (TCD) via central Dublin.

Students studying at University College Dublin (UCD) can access Dublin's easy to use bus system just across from the residence, which offers multiple direct bus options to get to the UCD campus (approximately 30 - 40 minutes). 

Shared Values



FIE and Binary Hub work in partnership to ensure students have a safe, supportive, and open community to thrive in to enhance personal and academic growth while in Dublin. Both FIE and Binary Hub understand and are eager to foster a truly communal living and learning experience for our students, with a focus on providing diverse, inclusive, and welcoming safe spaces.

Whether you are studying for your next exam in the Binary Hub student lounge or just having a chat in your shared kitchen, you can be certain that FIE and Binary Hub stand behind respectful conversations and inclusive practices. Inappropriate and derogatory comments and actions are not tolerated.

Both organizations are dedicated to embedding sustainability into all aspects of our communities, with three-stream recycling systems, eco-friendly heating, and motion-sensing lights. FIE and Binary Hub also provide education and reminders for conserving energy within all residences and student switch-off campaigns throughout the semester to reduce environmental impact. 

Sustainability BLUE  Social Justice BLUE     Diversity Inclusivity BLUE



Safe Spaces FIEFIE regards its housing and classroom facilities as safe spaces to live, study and work with students, faculty and staff who are understanding, supportive, and trustworthy. Our hope is that everyone in the FIE community – students, faculty, staff, and visitors – knows they can come to anyone for help, advice or just to talk and they can expect consideration and support. Inappropriate and derogatory comments and actions are not tolerated and any such behavior is addressed in an educational and informative manner. Everyone at FIE has a right to their opinion; however, if someone is stating myths or misinformation FIE faculty and staff will provide more accurate information in a respectful manner. Our approach is based on the Western Michigan State University “Safe on Campus” program. 

FIE endeavors to provide appropriate housing for all of its students. Students who would like to discuss any specific housing needs or concerns can do so on an individual basis - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Staycity Serviced Apartments Dublin


This apartment-style housing is a 10-minute walk from Dublin Business School (DBS) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and a 20-minute bus ride from University College Dublin (UCD). The apartment complex is located in the heart of the city centre. There are 4 students per apartment, typically in shared bedroom accommodation with a shared bathroom, kitchen and common area. The apartments are located in the heart of the city centre a stone’s throw from the famous Christchurch cathedral, St Patrick’s Cathedral and River Liffey. Live music venues, shopping streets and all Dublin’s trendy eateries are never further than 10-15 minutes’ away.

Residence Features

  • Two shared bedrooms in each apartmentAugNewPics2014
  • Each bedroom has two single beds with lockers and wardrobes
  • Shared bathroom with shower, toilet and sink
  • Shared dining and living area
  • Fully furnished kitchen with cookware, silverware, dishes, glasses, etc.
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • All bed linen provided
  • Laundry facilities in each apartment
  • 24-hour reception desk and security cameras (CCTV)
  • FIE residential staff members (Available 24 hours in case of emergency)



Dublin Housing FAQ


You probably have questions about what your living situation will be like while you are in Dublin. We've answered many of the frequently asked questions about the following topics below:

 If you don't find the information you need, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The US and Ireland have different rules, codes, and policies in regards to fire prevention, health, and safety. Please see our statement below on current facilities and procedures in our student residences halls. 

Dublin Emergency Number: + 353 1 679 8171

University College Dublin Binary Hub 

Entry into UCD Buildings

  • You will be given your keys and/or access card when you check in. Your student Ucard will be programmed with access for your accommodation. In some locations, you may also have physical keys for your accommodation.


  • 24-hour closed circuit TV is in operation within the public areas of all residences

Fire Safety

  • In the context of UCD's approach to fire safety, the priority is given to the protection of life, with the protection of property coming second. That approach underpins how we manage fire safety
  • All residences are fitted with automatic fire detection systems which are installed and maintained in accordance with IS3218
  • All residences are fitted with fire extinguishers which are installed and maintained in accordance with IS291
  • All residences are fitted with emergency lighting systems which are installed and maintained in accordance with IS3217
  • The relevant standards require the regular testing by a competent person of these fire safety systems.


  • Members of UCD's maintenance team ensure a good operation of all facilities
  • An FIE Student Life Assistant (SLA) is on call at all times
  • SLAs live in each student residence
  • Emergency telephone is monitored at all times.



  • 24-hour closed circuit TV is in operation within all public areas

 Entry into Binary Hub


  • Members of Binary Hub's maintenance team ensure a good operation of all facilities
  • An FIE Student Life Assistant (SLA) is on call at all times
  • SLAs live in each student residence 
  • Emergency telephone is monitored at all times.




  • When will I find out about my housing placement?

    • You will be notified of your housing allocation approximately 30 days prior to your arrival.

  • Can I move into housing early?

    • Your housing is available for the duration of your program only and FIE cannot provide for early arrivals or late checkouts.

  • What time can I check in/out?

    • Your check-in times will vary based on your housing assignment. Please note times are subject to change and your confirmed time will be received 30 days prior to your arrival.

  • Where do I check in?

    • Check-in will take place at your assigned residence.

  • Are towels and bed linen supplied?

    • Bed linens, pillows, and towels are supplied by FIE and Binary Hub. You are responsible for laundering your bed linens during your time in Dublin. 


  • Are there computer facilities in my building?

    • All residences are equipped with wifi. 

  • Are there laundry facilities?

    • Yes. There are laundry facilities in the Binary Hub residence. 

  • Are there RAs in the building?

    • At FIE Dublin, we call RAs or CAs 'Student Life Assistants' or SLAs. They live in Binary Hub with you and are available for after hours questions and emergencies.

  • Apart from flatmates who else has access to my flat/room?

    • Generally the Maintenance team and the residential staff. In addition, there are health and safety checks. If additional access is required, you will receive an email from the FIE team member.


  • How do I report maintenance or emergency maintenance issues?

    • Your place of residence will provide you with this procedure when you have arrived. 

  • Who cleans the apartment, provides toilet paper, and washes the bed linens?

    • You do! Students are responsible for the cleanliness of your residence including your room and common areas. 


  • Where should mail be sent to?

    • Student Name
      FIE Student
      Aparto Binary Hub,
      Bonham St,
      Dublin 8,
      D08 R596

Faculty Residences


87 Finborough Road, London, SW10 9DU

FIE maintains a dedicated faculty residence at 87 Finborough Road; the building contains five fully furnished 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartments.

Situated between Old Brompton Road and Earl’s Court Road amenities, Finborough House is fifteen minutes away from Foundation House, and directly across the road from Finborough Theatre, one of London’s top fringe theatre venues.

Each apartment has a lounge/dining area with TV, fully fitted kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine, and, for safety purposes, fire detectors. FIE’s high speed wireless internet is throughout the building and accommodations are serviced each Friday by housekeepers.

Please view the virtual tour above for a sneak peak of the facilities available at Finborough House.