Get Fit


Earls Court Soho Gym FIE has a relationship with Soho Gyms Earl's Court, which is less than a 10 minute walk away from Foundation House, or 5 minutes by tube (District or Piccadilly lines). Check out their site for more information.

Other local gyms in the area include:

 David Lloyd  L.A. Fitness

Virgin Active Healthclub


Fitness First

Note that these gyms will require a membership fee.

 Go for a run!  Go for a walk!  Join a  club!  Try dance yoga or pilates! 
There are some great routes to run in London if the weather is good, through the many parks or along the multiple canals. This option is free, and it’s also another great way to explore the city. Get a route map between any two points, including your journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon-saving. It’s quick, free, healthy and green.

Why not join up to a local sports club or team whilst you’re here? For a good place to start, try checking out the following pages:

 Check out some of the following options for fitness classes in the local area


If you are on a semester program, you could also join a sports/fitness society with your Imperial College Union Membership. There are dozens of sports clubs to get involved with.You may have to pay a small club membership fee but it is much cheaper than joining a gym!

Kensington Leisure Centre and Chelsea Sports Centre are other affordable fitness options in the area. These fitness centres are run by the local council and offers a variety of membership and pay-as-you-go options.



DBS have plenty of sports clubs that you can sign up for, including rugby, soccer, cricket, and basketball. Whether you’re looking to compete, up your fitness levels or have some fun and make some friends, DBS and local clubs are a great option. 

RAW Gyms

Raw Condition Gym located in Portobello is less than a 15-minute walk from DBS, Aungier Street and Griffith Halls of Residence. They offer a very competitive student rate: €129 for 3 months membership. Click on the logo above to access their website. You can apply for membership online. You can also apply for a free trial if you would like to try out the facilities before committing to your membership.

Some other well-known, centrally-located gyms include:

Students at UCD and TCD will be able to use the facilities at their respective colleges. Please see the UCD Sports and Fitness and the TCD Sport websites for more information. 


If you prefer your exercise with less exertion and more of the feel-good and well-being factor, there are lots of different types of yoga classes all over the city. Café En Swan (5 minutes from Griffith Halls of Residence) offer a walk-in class every Sunday at 1pm. Also a wonderful spot for brunch if you’d like to reward yourself before or after class! Another great space which combines yummy food and yoga is Fumbally (10 minutes from Griffith Halls of Residence), which run classes every Monday and Tuesday evening.