Frequently Asked Questions


We encourage you to contact the department directly responsible for the area in which you have a question in order to expedite the process. For a list of departmental responsibilities and a complete staff listing, please visit the Our Team page. Each of our university partnerships is also managed by a member of the Institutional Relations Team. Any parent, student, or programmatic questions can be directed to them and they will help secure necessary information from London, Dublin or Amman.


FIE works directly with our partner institutions to assure that our application process is in-line with the on-campus processes. Independent students applying to our programs from non-partner institutions should check with their study abroad advisors on campus before beginning an online application with FIE. All students apply to our programs online. Before beginning the application process, they will select their university to determine program eligibility. For questions about our application process, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

All partner school students are admitted.  No acceptance letters or emails are sent out. Independent students from non-partner institutions receive acceptance emails.

Students on internship, service internship of service learning programs submit a resume and personal statements as per guidelines our application guidelines.

Students on internship, service internship or service learning programs must apply for a pre-entry clearance.  In order to do this, they need to receive a unique CAS Number from FIE. CASs are issued once we receive the information directly from the program coordinator. An email is sent out requesting this information.


  • Fall: April 15th
  • Spring: October 15th
  • Summer: March 15th

* Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Dublin (UCD) deadlines may differ, please check the Program Dates page for the most accurate information


Once a student has started the application process, several emails are sent out to students which are listed below. This process begins approximately two weeks after the deadline. The program coordinator and the visiting faculty member will be copied on all emails, as appropriate. Note that some emails are specific to London, Amman or Dublin, so students may not receive all of the emails listed below.

Welcome email including:

  • On-site staff information
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Orientation information
  • Notification regarding necessary documents needed for clearing customs and immigration
  • Pre-departure information
  • Student Handbook

CAS Statement email including:

  • Unique CAS Number for each student
  • Guidance on visa application process, as needed

Experiential Education email including:

  • Confirmation of receipt of resume and personal statement
  • Internship Handbook 
  • Note that students will hear about their placements until they arrive in London or Dublin

Student Life Welcome email for London programs including information regarding:

  • London FIE Residence Life Policies & Procedures
  • Gym membership
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Mobile phones
  • How to receive mail
  • US State Department registration

Housing email including:

  • Residence assignments
  • Directions to residences
  • Other relevant housing information

London Group Flight & Individual Arrival Instructions including:

  • Information on how to reach the residences and collect keys
  • Details regarding pre-arranged for a group airport transfer, as appropriate

Insurance Information including:

  • Online policy document
  • Any other relevant insurance information

Additional emails may include:

  • Information regarding class registration and timetables
  • What to pack
  • Other student specific requests for information