Service Internship Placement Areas

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FIE London offers service internships in 16 placement areas, catering to almost every major and providing students with a wide variety of opportunities to make a difference with gaining professional and cultural experience.

It is important to take the time to read about the areas which interest you so that you can understand what is – and is not – available. Each student should choose three of the areas from the list below and understand they may be placed in any of their three choices (though we always start with a student’s first choice!)

Ultimately, it is the charities and organizations who choose which student they will offer a position to, but these pages are a guide to the service internship areas in which the FIE Experiential Education Team has successfully placed students in the past. Please carefully read this introduction and the sections relevant to your major and interests. The three choices you select will be the basis of your Internship Mentor’s search for your placement. As the internship is coordinated on your behalf, it is important that you understand the reality of what you should expect from your placement.


6 Things You Need to Know About your Service Internship!

The best piece of advice we can give you at this stage is to read these materials carefully. One of the most important indicators of success in the international internship is your preparation beforehand and your complete understanding of the reality of the journey you are embarking on.

Before selecting your industry choices on MyInternship, take the time to fully digest our Realities of Working in London page, including industry differences, education vs professional practice, organization size and “brand name” organizations, and learning objectives.

To summarize the key points on the pages above:

Selecting Your Three Placement Choices

First Second Third Industry ChoicesYou should select three areas of interest which coincide with:


 Click here to see the instructions for selecting your three area choices.

See our guide to Preparing Your Application for more information.

Service Internship Areas

London Internship students can select from the following areas:


Please note there are no internships available in medical or clinical settings. Access to vulnerable individuals (including patients, victims, and children is limited) - and rightly so! Students should be aware their tasks and access may, therefore, be restricted. However, students looking to gain experience in these fields can still have valuable experiences in a London service internship. Students in the health field, for example, should consider disability rights, mental health, or environmental issues.

The general areas listed above are those in which we have successfully been able to place students. However, if you wish to intern within an area that is not listed, please email us. We are happy to let you know if your chosen option may be possible.

If you have any other questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact either your study abroad office or the FIE Experiential Education Team.