Conference Breakout Sessions

Below are the presentations used for breakout sessions during SGLC 2019. Please use these as a reference along with your notes from the weekend as you reflect on your time at the conference. Slides will be available until mid-2019. 

*NB - Slides are Unlisted on Only those with the link can access the slides.


Breakout Session Pathways:

Keynotes and PanelsSustainability & LeadershipSustainability in PracticeSustainability in the Community, Sustainability, Technology & ManufacturingEthics in Sustainability 


Conference 101 Session - Slides


Morning Keynote Session; Judy Ling Wong - Slides

Breakout Session 1

Fiona Gibbs & Ruth Rosales: Orchestral Music – Is it Sustainable and Relevant in Today’s World? Yes! But why? (Room: Falcon) - Slides

Victoria Hatch & Kelvin Southwell: Green Lancaster: Leading Change in Students’ Life for a More Sustainable Future (Room: Eagle) - Slides

Dr. Victoria Hands: Five ways of working for Sustainability: Inspiration from the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) (Room: Kestrel) - Slides

Marist College, Ireland :
1. Alexandria Sanatore, Willow Waltemire, William VanNieuwenhuyze & Geandry Rodriguez: The Sustainable Woman: Leading the Way Through Education - Slides
2. Kevin Brown, Lauren-Elizabeth Shand, Elijah R. Bischoff & Kathryn Deeter The Environmental Impacts of Dams and Solutions to Ensure a Sustainable Future - Dam It or Don’t (Room: Kingfisher) - Slides

Robert Mercier, Tyler Hobbs & Lucy Mercier: Utilization of Digital Media as a Medium for Leadership- Creating Sustainable Change through Modern Technology
(Room: Youlbury/Downe) - Slides

 Breakout Session 2

Gabriel Flores: Your Sustainable Future: How to find and Follow Your Path as a Leader
(Room: Falcon) - Contact Gabriel at

Humera Khan: Re-Building Muslim Communities - an Islamic Perspective (Room: Eagle) - Slides

Omotara Nadi: Using Peer Mentorship to Build Communities and Sustainable Leadership in Higher Education (Room: Kestrel) - Slides

FIE Ethical Leadership Students:
1. Ben Becker & Patrick Erredge: Ghost Towns of ChinaSlides
2. Haley LaValle & Logan Schmidt: Sustaining Healthy Work Environments in a Profit-Driven SocietySlides
3. Max Eagle & Glory Turnbull: Sustainability in Human Growth and Development - Slides
(Room: Kingfisher)

Drexel University & University of Leeds Global Classroom:
1. Artificial Intelligence for the Future of the Auto Industry - Slides
2. E-Cigarettes Growing Epidemic - Slides

(Room: Youlbury/Downe) 

 Breakout Session 3

Zoe Arnold: Sustainability and Inclusivity: What Can We Do To Create a Positive Change? (Room: Falcon) - Slides

Shelby Myers & Ashley Corwin: Cultural Humility for Global Leaders (Room: Eagle) - Slides

Onyi Anyado: Cutting Edge Leadership, Sustainability, and Change (Room: Kestrel) - Slides

FIE Ethical Leadership Students:
1. John Girgen & Casey Shreiner: The Effect of Limiting Food Waste, Through Sustainable Ethics - Slides
2. Nicole Miller & Liz Schwartz: Starbucks as a Leader in Sustainable Efforts - Slides

(Room: Kingfisher)

Drexel University & University of Leeds Global Classroom:
1. Microfinance’s Impact on Low-Income Families in Developing Nations - Slides
2. The Impact of Handheld Technology in Educational Environments 

(Room: Youlbury/Downe)

 Breakout Session 4

 Dr. Charu Sharma: Heartfulness: To Help You Be The Change You Want To See (Room: Falcon) - Slides

Dr. Rene Hernandez & Beatrice Nadine S. Fant: Disaster Shelter Guide Development for a Nepali Village Partnering SVSU Students, NGO’s, and Village Stakeholders - Slides
(Room: Eagle)

Angela Richards: For Chocolate Lovers Who Care About A Sustainable Future. You Can Have Impact! (Room: Kestrel) - Slides

FIE Ethical Leadership Students:
1. Anna Bins & Grace Kasbohm: Ensuring an Ethical and Sustainable Future in the World of Big Data -
2. Katya Kaslow and Ava Orr: Sustainability: Traffic Volume and Air Quality - Slides
(Room: Kingfisher)

Drexel University & University of Leeds Global Classroom:
1. The Effect of Climate Change on the Growth of Sustainable Fashion - Slides
2. The Future of Meat - Slides

(Room: Youlbury/Downe)


 Leadership and Sustainability in a Challenging Political Environment - Slides


Detailed Breakout Session Schedule