London Activities


Looking for ways to really get to know London and the UK? Spend your weekend living with a British family, get involved in a sports club, or sign-up for subsidised events on FIE's Activity Calendar! Have any questions about things to do with your spare time? Visit us in the Student Life office in Foundation House and we'll give you our advice on how to make the most of your time in London!  


From London landmarks to countryside adventures, immerse yourself in your UK study abroad experience with the London Activity Calendar! Popular activities include the London Eye, Tower of London, Wicked, The Lion King & the magical Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Activities are offered at a subsidised rate, so you can get involved in some great experiences for a fraction of the price. Here's a sneak peek at some of our offerings:



Upcoming Activities

 Tue 10 Mar  Yoga (Block 2 Starts)
 Tue 14 Apr  The Globe: Romeo & Juliet
 Sun 15 Mar  Harry Potter Studio Tour
 Wed 22 Apr  Symphonic Social with Orchestra Vitae
 Wed 18 Mar  Wicked
 Tue 19 May  Comedy on the Tattershall Castle
 Sun 29 Mar  Stonehenge & Salisbury
 Tue 26 May  Wicked
 Tue 07 Apr  London Eye
 Sat 30 May  Tower of London


How to sign-up 

Prior to your arrival, you will receive an email called 'Preparing for London: Student Life' which will contain log-in details including your username and password. Once you've received these details, you can log-in by following the steps below:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Click 'log-in/register' in the top-right hand corner of this page and enter your username and password*

Go to 'booking' on the menu on the left of the page, then select  'upcoming events timeline'

Find the activity you want to sign-up to then click 'register' to add the activity to your basket 'Add more events' or select 'checkout' to head to the payment page - pay with credit or debit card


 Important notes

 Before you sign-up and pay for activities, please note the following:




Host UK


Imperial College Union 


International Students House (ISH)


Lectures, Talks, and Workshops






(*Imperial Associate Membership cards are provided for Spring, Fall and Winter programs only - click here for more details on associate membership)