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The Bard. The BBC. The Beatles. Explore British identity through two exciting courses at FIE, designed to use London as a classroom!  Spend your summer in London, the financial, cultural, and historical capital of Britain. You'll live and study in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, one of the cities most charming areas. Travel on the Tube, visit Kensington Palace during your break between classes, and see Big Ben for yourself during the 5-week Pages, Stages, Scenes & Screens: British Culture from Shakespeare to Modern Media program from June - July. 

The Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature course is meant to introduce students to the fascinating social and historical background to some of the most famous, most compelling poetry and drama ever written. Students will read and watch performances of two of Shakespeare?s plays and visit places associated with Shakespeare in London, such as the Globe Theatre.

British Life & Visual Media flashes forward a few centuries to examine issues of cultural identity as reflected by British film, television, photography, and the visual arts. Students will gain an understanding of British culture and society by examining the history of its major social and political institutions, the cultural values of its peoples and significant contemporary socio-political issues and debates emphasizing the impact the development Visual Media has had on British life. Example co-curricular activities include the British Film Institute, the Tate Modern museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. 


During the Pages, Stages, Scenes & Screens: British Culture from Shakespeare to Modern Media program, you'll take two courses: 


  • Summer — 5 weeks


  • GPA: 2.75

  • NOTE: Your home institution may require a higher GPA and other prerequisites

  • If you currently attend an FIE partner institution, contact your study abroad advisor on campus to learn of any additional requirements
  • If you do not currently attend one of our partner institutions, for any clarifications or to express questions/concerns


  • Check with your study abroad advisor for course equivalencies, credit approval, and transcript information on your campus

  • Based on your campus requirements, you may receive a transcript from your home university or from Drexel University, FIE’s School of Record

  • Depending on courses selected and approval on your campus, you will earn:

    • 3 - 8 credits