Conference Proposals

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The 2017 Student Global Leadership Conference Committee is seeking proposals for educational programmes and breakout sessions.


The theme of the conference is “Harnessing the Power of Diversity: Leadership, Inclusion, and Action”: Extending far beyond just our visible differences or the ‘flags, food and festivals’ of our nations, diversity yields superior outcomes. Research shows groups that include a range of perspectives and experiences outperform groups of like-minded experts. FIE’s third Student Global Leadership Conference will empower emerging leaders to engage in inclusive leadership, value diverse contributions, challenge bias and build stronger local and global teams, businesses and communities as a result.  


The conference will be open to:

  • UK or European university students
  • FIE students
  • non-FIE study abroad students in London
  • non-FIE study abroad students in Dublin
  • students currently enrolled at US Universities
  • professionals in the field of higher education
  • professionals in the field of study abroad

Workshops and educational programmes should be designed to target this audience.


Educational programmes and breakout sessions should be hands-on, interactive, passionate, and engaging and enhance understanding of the conference’s theme. We would especially welcome the opportunity to hear unique stories and experiences.

Each session will be allotted 60 minutes, with significant portions of that time dedicated to interaction between the students and the presenter and ample time for student questions. For example, a session could be broken into 10 minutes for an introduction, two 15-minute presenter-led and/or group activities, 10 minutes for closing comments, and 10 minutes for student questions.

Presenters should plan to include tangible take-away tools or practical examples as part of the session. For example, a small tool-kit booklet for each participant which the presenters brought with them; a personalised bulleted list each participant developed as part of the session’s activities; a hand-out completed during the session; etc.

Possible topic themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Leadership and diverse contributions
  • Leadership in diverse cultures
  • Environmental/sustainable leadership
  • Privilege and challenging bias in leadership
  • Diverse leadership from the front of a wave of global change
  • Followership and choosing the right inclusive leaders


We are seeking a broad range of presenters who can provide rich exploration of the conference’s theme. We will consider seasoned student leadership specialists, leadership scholars, and professionals with experience in leadership. We would also like to welcome current and former student leaders who may not yet have had an opportunity to present at a conference before.

  • As a student, is there any support for developing my session?

Students who are interested in presenting at the conference and would like to further develop their conference presentation skills can apply to our mentorship programme, which will assist students in delivering a successful and meaningful session. Please tick the appropriate box, on the Proposal Form, if you would like to participate in the mentorship programme and receive guidance in developing and delivering a successful and meaningful session.

Complete the Conference Proposal Form to apply.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. We aim to confirm all presenters by the end of February 2017.