Peace & Conflict Resolution Academics

You will study with leaders in the field of conflict resolution and the Middle East. Your professors include: 

  • Dr. Paul ArthurProfessor of Politics, Emeritus Director of the Graduate Program in Peace and Conflict Studies, and International Conflict Research Institute Honorary Associate at the University of Ulster teaches the program in Ireland and is the Director of the program.
  • Dr. Omar Rifai, A career diplomat, Dr. Omar Rifai joined the Jordanian Diplomatic Service in 1975 and served in Jordan’s missions in Cairo, Bern, New York, London, and Washington between 1976 and 1994. He was a member of the Jordanian delegation to the Jordan-Israel peace talks in 1994 and between 1994 and 1996 he held the position of Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Director of the Special Bureau at the Foreign Ministry in Amman. Dr. Rifai then became the first Ambassador to Israel from Jordan. Dr. Rifai leads the course in Amman.

The program includes two courses and additional pre-work prior to arrival in Dublin. The two courses are:


Students may extend their stay in Amman to undertake intensive Arabic language study by participating in the AMIDEAST Intensive Arabic Program. This additional four-week program includes Modern Standard and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic courses. You'll study Arabic with some of the most respected language teachers in the region from the Qasid Arabic Institute. Intensive coursework, combined with daily interactions with host families, helps students at all levels to increase their Arabic proficiency in a short period of time. Both Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic are offered at all levels from beginning to advanced. (Please note that beginning Arabic will run subject to minimum enrollment.)



Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Amman Amman

Summer 2021 Tentative Schedule:

Summer 2021 Tentative Schedule:

  • Sunday, May 23: Arrive in Dublin
  • Tuesday, May 25: Classes Begin
    • Course: The Life Cycle of Peace and Conflict: Lessons Learned in Northern Ireland 
  • Various co-curricular activities including study excursions to Northern Ireland
  • Saturday, June 5: Depart Dublin/Arrive in Amman
  • Monday, June 7: Classes Begin
    • Course: Conflict Resolution and Management: Beyond the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Various co-curricular activities including Amman City Tour, Wadi Rum & Petra, and Biblical Jordan Tour
  • Sunday, June 20: Peace & Conflict Only Students Depart Amman/Arrive in Dublin
  • Monday, June 21: Depart Dublin
  • Sunday, June 20: Orientation
  • Monday, June 21: First day of class for Intensive Arabic Program
  • Various co-curricular excursions including Northern Jordan excursion
  • Wednesday, July 14: Final exam 
  • Thursday, July 15: Reflection Day (Attendance Required)
  • Friday, July 15: Depart Amman/Arrive in Dublin
  • Saturday, July 17: Depart Dublin

Additional information on the Intensive Arabic Course in Amman including Academic Information and Course Descriptions can be found on the AMIDEAST website. 


At the end of the program, students are free to travel either back to their home country or to other locations. After the day indicated as the day students depart (typically following the final day of the program), students are responsible for all of their own transportation, visa, housing, insurance, and other logistical arrangements. Students should note that after the departure day noted on the academic calendar, their program-provided insurance coverage will end and they must arrange for accommodations outside of AMIDEAST shared apartments, AMIDEAST host families, or the hotel in Dublin.


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