Conflict and the Struggle for Peace - Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East program in Dublin, Ireland and Amman, Jordan. 


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If your inquiry is not listed below, please contact Dr. Grahaeme Hesp who can answer your question or direct you to the appropriate FIE or AMIDEAST staff member.



Where are the syllabi for the two courses taken during the program?

Please understand that this is an academically rigorous program. Whilst in Ireland, students will not have any opportunity to travel independently due to timetabling. Students who elect to travel during the Amman portion of their program should be mindful of the intensity and their academic obligations as well as the cultural value of spending time with their host families. Most, importantly, students must strictly adhere to AMIDEAST’s student travel policy.


How much academic credit can I earn for each portion of the program, including Arabic?


Are all levels of Arabic guaranteed to be offered?


Are the homestay families welcoming to Jewish students?


Is Jordan safe?


Do I need a visa for Ireland?


Do I need a visa for Jordan?


How should I plan my round-trip air travel from the US to Dublin, then Amman to the US? 


Do I have to fly back to Dublin after the program concludes in Amman? What if I want to travel before or after the program?


What kind of orientation and information will I receive upon arrival?


Can I choose my roommate in Dublin and Jordan?

Explain the housing assignment process for Jordan


I don’t speak Arabic. How will I interact with my homestay family?


What kind of food is common in Jordan?


Can specific health issues be accommodated (dietary, medical)? Do I have to do a homestay?


What is the typical weather in the summer in Ireland and Jordan?


How can I utilize my school/state/and or federal financial aid to help pay for the program?


Can I utilize my GI Bill?


What scholarships does FIE offer for the Peace & Conflict program?


Can I apply for AMIDEAST scholarships in addition to applying for FIE scholarships?


Who do I contact if I have more questions?


How do I apply?