3-7 Queen’s Gate Terrace London SW7 5PE

This large, well-equipped residence was created from three 19th-century townhouses and is located a short eight minutes walk from Foundation House and just three minutes from the amenities of Gloucester Road. Metrogate sits across the road from Imperial College and houses the main FIE computer facility. Rooms are cleaned and linen is provided weekly. Access to Metrogate is up a short flight of steps from street level. An elevator serves all floors except the fifth (top) floor.

Residence Features

  • A combination of one, two, three and four-bedded rooms (80% doubles, 10% singles and 10% other combinations).
  • A Study Lab with internet/email access available 24 hours per day.
  • A wireless Internet connection.
  • Fully equipped kitchens on every floor with tables and seating.
  • Card-operated laundry rooms with washers and dryers and ironing facilities located on the lower ground floor.
  • A telephone in every bedroom.
  • A TV in every bedroom.
  • A refrigerator in every bedroom.
  • In-suite bath or shower room in 75% of the bedrooms.
  • A common room with TV, DVD player and vending machines.
  • 24-hour Facilities Support Desk.
  • Dedicated Resident Life Supervisors.
  • CCTV monitoring surveillance system.