Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East


You know — and we know — that there’s another side to the contemporary conflicts plaguing the Middle East. A mix of antiquity and modernity everywhere you turn, this region will show students that there is always more than meets the eye (and the media’s front page).

FIE’s program, the Conflict and the Struggle for Peace, runs in the summer and works with leading peace and justice scholars in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Jordan. More than shamrocks and dolmas, this course offers you the opportunity to critically analyze and examine up-close some of the most formidable diplomatic issues of our time.


Walk humbly along the different paths to peace as you dig into the often-sensitive cultural and societal roots of conflict. This program begins in Dublin, and after getting your hands wet from the Irish rain learning theory, students travel to Belfast to conduct a case study on relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Then trade in your umbrellas for sunglasses as you continue your studies in Amman, the eye of the storm. Here, the program focus turns to Middle Eastern issues concerning tribal affairs, regional disputes, and the Arab/Israeli conflict.


Following the conclusion of the Conflict and the Struggle for Peace program, a student may opt to extend their stay in Amman to study the Arabic language. FIE is proud to partner with AMIDEAST to offer this exceptional opportunity.


If you have always secretly loved peace frogs, are dying to read Rumi’s stanzas in its original Arabic, or want to do your part to help ensure history never repeats itself — feel confident knowing a summer on our Conflict and the Struggle for Peace program definitely won’t souk.


Find out about the evolution of this program from Dr. Paul Arthur, Program Director. 


For more than two decades, AMIDEAST field offices in the Middle East have supported study abroad programs organized by US colleges and universities and international education organizations such as FIE. AMIDEAST strives to develop intercultural and global competence among students who study abroad in Jordan. They also provide students with safe, secure, and healthy living and learning environments.


Amman 1      Amman 2


Students may extend their stay in Amman to undertake intensive Arabic language study by participating in the AMIDEAST Intensive Arabic Program. This additional four-week program includes Modern Standard and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic courses. You'll study Arabic with some of the most respected language teachers in the region from the Qasid Arabic Institute. Intensive coursework, combined with daily interactions with host families, helps students at all levels to increase their Arabic proficiency in a short period of time. Both Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic are offered at all levels from beginning to advanced. (Please note that beginning Arabic will run subject to minimum enrollment.)


 Amman Square 1  Amman Square 2 Amman Square 3  Amman Square 6  Amman Square 5

The FIE Peace and Conflict program was a great cultural experience and an incredibly eye-opening opportunity. From the discussions with guest speakers to the insights provided by our teachers, Jordanian host families, and everyday conversations with new people, the program provided me with a new viewpoint that has fundamentally changed the way I look at International Affairs. You can attend lectures and study textbooks, but you can’t understand conflict and the ways in which it affects countries and their peoples until you listen to their thoughts, fears, and concerns. I hope anyone interested in the process of conflict resolution or the complicated dynamics of international affairs will strongly consider this program.

- Ryland Arnold, Summer 2016 Student, University of Arkansas


  • Summer Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East program only (4.5-weeks)
  • Summer Conflict and the Struggle for Peace: Explorations in Ireland and the Middle East with Intensive Arabic Language (8-9 weeks)


  • GPA: 2.75
  • NOTE: Your home institution may require a higher GPA and other prerequisites
  • If you attend a FIE partner institution, contact your study abroad advisor on campus for any additional requirements
  • If you do not attend one of our partner institutions, contact FIE  with any questions or concerns 


  • Check with your study abroad advisor for course equivalencies, credit approval, and transcript information on your campus