Study & Internship Programs


Gain intercultural skills and boost your resume with an internship in London!

Take classes and gain intercultural experience through an internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world! 

In addition to the academic portion of your program, an internship placement with a small-to-medium sized London company makes up the Study & Internship program at FIE London.

Through your international internship, you have the opportunity to experience working life in another country and gain skills in intercultural communication – a necessity in today’s global marketplace.

Your International Internship Course (IIC) combines your work placement with classroom seminars to enable you to reflect on and analyze your experience. You will also take an FIE Key Course and possibly another few electives, depending on when you intern (semester or summer, see below). 

Live and study in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, just steps away from some of the world's great cultural centers like Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall, and the Natural History Museum.




Select from a menu of courses in the following disciplines: Placement areas include: 


Visit our Internships in London page to learn more about the experience you'll have as an international intern before, during, and after your time in London!


  • Semester (15.5-weeks)
  • Winter Quarter (10.5-weeks)
  • Summer (8-weeks)


Fall and Spring Semester Programs Phase 1: Weeks 1 - 7 Week 8 Phase 2: Weeks 9 - 15

Required British Life Key Course (choice of British Life and Cultures , British Life and Business, British Life and Visual Media, or British Life and Europe) meets for three hours a week.

Two or three other selected elective courses take place throughout the week.

Our full list of elective courses is available at:

During this period, students will interview for internships/service internships and sites are confirmed. 

Mid-semester Break 

Classes meet two days per week.

The required British Life Key Course continues for three hours a week. The International Internship Course (IIC) meets during Phase 2 as a space for reflection on the placement experience. Some elective courses continue while others begin. 

Internships are scheduled for three days a week.


 Summer Internships

Throughout the experience the required British Life and Cultures Key Course meets for six hours a week. During Week One, students interview for internships and sites are confirmed.


The International Internship Course (IIC) consists of the actual placement and weekly seminars that enhance and contextualize your internship experience; the in-class component meet six times for 90 minutes each.

Academic classes meet for two and a half days a week with the placements taking place in the other two and a half days of a week.



  • GPA: 2.75
  • Sufficient academic preparation and experience to participate in an internship abroad
  • NOTE: Your home institution may require a higher GPA and other prerequisites
  • If you attend an FIE partner institution, contact your study abroad advisor on campus for any additional requirements
  • If you do not attend one of our partner institutions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with any questions or concerns


  • Check with your study abroad advisor for course equivalencies, credit approval, and transcript information on your campus
  • Based on your campus requirements you may receive a transcript from your home university or from Drexel University, FIE’s School of Record
  • Depending on courses selected and approval on your campus, you will earn:
    • 12-16 credits/semester
    • 18-24 credits/quarter
    • 6-8 credits/summer