London International Internship Course

FIE London internship placements, together with classroom seminars and written reflection, form the International Internship Course (IIC).



At FIE, we strongly believe that careful monitoring and individual support are crucial in arranging suitable and rewarding internships. FIE’s Experiential Education Team works with you individually from admission to the program to match your skills and background with an appropriate organization. The Experiential Education Team provides pre-departure and on-site support during the placement and internship process. IIC seminars allow for discussion, analysis, and academic reflection throughout your internship experience.

Please note that all internships are unpaid and are for academic credit only.



In order to enhance and contextualize your internship experience, you participate in a variety of seminars designed to provide you with support to develop your understanding of the U.K. workplace and enable to you to make the most of your experience. You will work with a faculty member and your peers to reflect upon the experience and exchange ideas.

You will be assessed on:

  • Your ability to engage analytically with the internship experience;
  • Written assignments throughout the term;
  • A presentation and written final report about your development throughout the process.

By the end of the IIC you should be able to:

  • Understand general aspects of the UK sector in which they worked and have a high degree of understanding of the organization in which they were placed
  • Describe and reflect on their internship experience and the ways in which they have developed during the semester as well as be able to engage with intercultural issues that emerged
  • Connect readings and key class themes to their work experience.



“I genuinely think that almost all aspects of this course were extremely helpful to me. I had no idea that so many factors of a global internship/working abroad would be so different than in the US, and I think that had I not taken this class I would have never realized any of this nor would I have gotten nearly as much out of my internship. I truly think all aspects that we have learned about were so helpful in analyzing my experience and getting the most out of it that I possibly could.” – Summer 2018 student, University of Arizona 



London International Internship Course