Dublin Personal Safety


  • Health Safety Students London NightMake sure someone knows where you’re going before you head out
  • Plan your travel - Transport for Ireland (TFI) is a great resource
  • Make sure you only ride in licensed taxis – check out the TFI Driver Check app
  • If you feel unsafe or threatened on a night out seek help from the staff
  • Some pubs and night venues participate in the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign and will help you get home
  • If you're traveling outside of Dublin, fill in the FIE Travel Form
  • Stay alert to your surroundings at all times – be particularly careful at road crossings
  • Walk away from any indication of trouble, protests, demonstrations and suspicious activities
  • Drink responsibly - visit the Drinkaware website for advice on guidance on safe alcohol consumption



In your residence:

  • Lock bedroom and flat doors, even if you’re just stepping out for a moment
  • Don’t leave valuable items in common areas – buy a padlock and secure valuables in your wardrobe using the metal latch
  • Mark or register your property through a program like Immobilise
  • Don’t give door codes, keys or keycards out to guests 
  • Guests are NOT permitted between 11pm-8am - guests visiting in the day must be accompanied by the FIE student they are visiting at all times

Out and About:

  • Secure valuables in a zipped pocket, wallet or bag, and don't leave items unattended (e.g. laptop in coffee shop, bag out of sight in a bar)
  • Keep your passport locked at home – a drivers’ license is sufficient as age ID
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you – credit cards can be cancelled if lost/stolen
  • Avoid walking with your phone on display (aka. don’t text while walking) - if you need to check your phone while you're out, stop and stand close to a building



  • If you have been assaulted or hurt in any way, seek support from a healthcare professional - services can be found on our health page
  • Submit an online report or contact your local Gardaí Station
  • If your wallet has been lost or stolen, cancel credit cards immediately and submit a report to the Gardaí
  • If your passport has been lost or stolen, immediately notify the FIE Dublin Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • If applicable, you may wish to submit an insurance claim 
  • Notify the FIE Dublin team so we can provide any additional support