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How do different countries approach healthcare? Is free healthcare a human right?  What are the current practices and issues affecting the health sector? Welcome to FIE’s two Comparative Public Health concentrations.

Whether you are a major in a health-related area or are just interested in exploring healthcare delivery and comparative systems between the US and the UK or Ireland, we’ve got two distinct options for you. Come to London for a quarter to study, or extend to a full semester allowing you the time to add on an internship in a health-related field. If Ireland is more your calling, then study Comparative Public Health with FIE at the popular and prestigious University College Dublin (UCD), where you’ll have an array of courses to choose from in addition to our embedded Irish Life and Cultures course.

FIE is well-equipped to work with faculties and study abroad offices to customize this program to suit the needs of the institution.

FIE’s models in London and Dublin share a common goal: to provide our students with an experience which firmly grounds the health professionals of the future through a challenging and rewarding experience.



Studying Comparative Public Health with FIE in London or Dublin is an excellent choice if you are looking to differentiate your resume from others in the job/grad school market.

This concentration is a great option for all who aspire to work in the healthcare industry, including nursing students, pre-medical students, and those who have aspirations to move into another grad school health profession, such as becoming a physician's assistant. Likewise, students with an interest in health-related fields such as medical sales & marketing, or medical/health journalism, might also choose this course because they want to broaden their horizons.

Learning about the differences between the US and UK/Ireland's healthcare systems allows all future healthcare professionals to be open minded about the various populations they will be going back to service when they graduate. Additionally, the academic content is robust, with either Drexel University (the London option) or UCD (the Dublin option) as schools of record. 

Whether you have a specific goal in the health sector, a related field, or just an interest in comparative health, studying Comparative Public Health is a rewarding and enriching experience.  



Interested students should fill out an FIE application as normal on MyStudy@FIE as outlined on our Admissions & Application webpage. Within the application, under the Academic Program Options questionnaire, applicants will be asked if they would like to select Comparative Public Health @ FIE concentration. 



“The NHS is the closest thing the English people have to a religion” – a quote which sets the scene for why spending a semester in London focusing on this concentration is an extremely rewarding and fascinating experience. London is not only home to the world’s first National Health Service but is also a test-bed for innovations and discoveries now used on a global scale. The modern hospice movement was founded in London and the DNA double helix was discovered in the UK. 

Explore these themes and more in FIE’s unique program structure: you will study one of the courses from our signature British Life & Cultures suite, and undertake one of our highly reputed internships. Students have the option of choosing an internship field highly relevant to health, including Public Health & Wellbeing, Social Welfare & Non-Profit Organizations, Business & Entrepreneurship or an international service internship. Together, your internship and British Life & Cultures course form the bedrock of this absorbing and highly satisfying study abroad experience, rounded out with 2-3 health elective classes. (Note: Comparative Public Health in London is available on a semester or quarter basis. The internship option is available for semester students only).

Whether you are studying a quarter or a semester with us in London, each of your courses include exciting co-curricular activities where your learning in the classroom is complemented by trips and visits around the inspiring, historical and innovative city itself. 



london blue

 +  International Intern Course Green Box OR International Service Internship Course Green Box
 HC Policy Green Box   HC Ethics Green Box   HC Genetics Green Box
  Faculty can substitute 1-2 of these with their own courses         



Ireland’s health system sits between the US and UK examples. More ‘socialized’ than the US, more private than the UK – Ireland’s is a truly mixed system.  Your study abroad experience in this exciting, fun and friendly city will be just as mixed: all of your healthcare courses are taught through Dublin’s well-reputed University College Dublin (UCD)’s School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems. FIE’s signature Irish Life and Cultures course brings together the whole study abroad experience. 

  Irish blue  + ANY 3 OF THE FOLLOWING:


 UCD Community Population Green Box UCD Evidence Based HC Green Box   UCDMgmt n Quality Improvement Green Box
 UCD Maternal n Foetal Green Box  UCD Mental Health Nursing Green Box   UCD Irish Social History Green Box
  Faculty can teach their own course in addition to the three taken at UCD



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FIE was founded on the premise that education provision be in partnership. Many of our programs are run collaboratively with US partners; often visiting faculty who have been instrumental in setting up their department’s or college’s study abroad offering come to teach at least one course during their students’ experience with us in London and Dublin.

FIE provides, among other services, a full orientation, 24-hour emergency support, full insurance, transcripts from our school of record (Drexel University), full apartment facility for visiting faculty and their families and visits to your college from one of our US based Institutional Relations Team.

All of our students undertake co-curricular activities. That is, visits to local companies, landmarks and/or museums to enrich their experience. Most of our students in London spend half of their time placed in an internship. Many of our visiting faculty build up their own courses with our ideas and suggestions. If you are interested in substituting one or more courses in the models we use in each city, please get in touch with one of our Institutional Relations Team members.